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               Clayton County Master Gardeners Show 2013

Thank you to all of the Clayton County Master Gardeners and everybody involved in this project for the support in the Eighth Annual symposium. We Couldn't have done it without your help.

Thank you for this wonderful experience.  I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, Luna's lillies, Inc. and staff.

   Aquatic plants, Marine Life and Flowers in this show 

Marine LifeYard           
 Calico Fantail Hinoki Cypress
 Golden Fantail Nellie R. Stephens Holly 
 Sarassus Comets Wild Indian Hawtorn
 Common Comets Japanese Lace Maple ( Crimson )                            
 Butterfly Koi Coral Bark Dwarf Maple 
 Domestic Koi King Solomon Seal 
 Shubunkis Stokeias Astor 
 22. Lb. Albino Channel Catfish Salvia Blue
  Lenten Rose ( Hellborious )  
 Aquatic Plants ( Top Pond )  Yellow Flag Iris
  Toad Lily
 Purple Pickerel Rush Indigo Maidens Pink
 Umbrella Palms Christmas Ferns
 Variegated Bullrush Phlox ( Large Variety )
 Lizards Tail ( Long white fuzzy bloom ) Cinnamon Fern
 Aztec Arrow Horse Tail
  Oak Leaf Hydrangea
 Aquatic Plants ( Bottom Pond ) American Beauty Hydrangea   
  Ostrich Fern
 Water Hyacinth Holly Fern
 Thalia Dealbata Southern Shield Fern
  Autumn Fern
Yard Peacock Fern
  Augusta Moon Hosta
 Contorta Allevanna ( Harry Lauder walking stick ) Royal Standard Hosta
 Native Piedmont Azalea Francee Hosta
 Deodora Cedrus ( Conifer ) Aureo Marginata Hosta
 Dogwoods Buckeye Bottlebrush
 Southern Magnolia Foam Flower
 Variegatted Pittosporium 
   Formal Introduction to the Clayton County Master Gardeners show 2013 

Welcome to the Gardens of Craig Luna and Luna’s Lillies, Inc.

      While meandering around and through this quiet neighborhood, you approach a white picket fence that fronts a white ranch-style home that is full of color.  Keeping in mind the word “color,” my little home is filled, inside and out, with vibrant hues.

      Wherever your eyes guide you, my gardens feature flower beds exploding with height-of-the season colors, accented by garden art and decorative elements.  All of this brings intrigue and compliments the natural splendor of this groomed landscaping.

      Your visual sensation is compounded by the 18,000 gallon ecologically-balanced water feature with the ever-present sounds of running, trickling, and bubbling water.  An assortment of vibrantly-colored marine life dart in and around a large variety of aquatic plants.  All of the components of the custom-designed filtration system give this water garden superb clarity and a well balanced eco-system. (See attachment for a list of marine life and aquatic plants.)

    This garden provides the visitor with endless ideas for adding a water feature to any size space.  Be it a gurgling vase or multi-levels of urns spilling into a small container pool, there is a water garden for anyone.

    Along either side of the yard, the landscape is covered by a high canopy of native hardwoods and rows of Ligustrum, both providing a paradise of privacy.  Scattered throughout these areas are an abundant variety of Georgia-favorite native plantings.  All of these plantings not only bring color to the lush foliage canvas, they attract hummingbirds and butterflies.  As well as being visual enhancements, these plantings provide a natural habitat to wildlife.  Also gracing the landscape are two large Nellie R. Stephens hollies that I have pruned and sculpted into massive topiaries and under planted with native lady ferns. (See attachment for a list of plantings.)

The pathways leading from the ponds offer two stone benches that invite you to sit and take in the natural splendor.  You are then drawn to the wide expanse of decking adorned with decorative pots and trickling water features.  Once on the deck, you are immediately presented with how all of the elements in Craig’s Gardens --- an oasis of nature by nature, for nature lovers - - - come together.

      With the setting of the sun, Craig’s Gardens take on yet another dimension with the addition of precision illumination of professional outdoor garden lighting.  The true magic of the gardens then becomes most apparent when the natural light ends, and my talents begin.

      By visiting my gardens, you have seen a showcase of the many facets of who I am - - - a master landscaper and water garden designer.  These Southern gardens can be a constant joy of any home, condo, or apartment dweller. 

                                                 You have been welcomed, and I thank you for your visit to                                                                                   my home of  color.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

                                                   Craig Luna 


 Craig Luna CEO

 Luna’s Lillies, Inc.

6974 Cedar Dr. Riverdale, Georgia 30296

Office: 770-991-3112 * Cell: 678-410-1440




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Office: 770-991-3112   Cell: 678-410-1440 

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