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Christmas Holiday Decorating

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Now offering our Traditional Christmas Decorating Services, call for more information: 770-991-3112 

Happy Holidays 

Craig Luna

Clayton County Master Gardeners Symposium 2013

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The Symposium was a great success, thank you to all the participants in this event, we all had fun learning and sharing experiences about ponds, gardens, plants and waterfalls. Hope to see you next year. 

Craig Luna

Pond Ground covers

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We recommend using around your pond the following Ground covers:


Creeping jenny: ( Lysimachia nummularia )


Gold moss sedum: ( Sedum acre )


Walking fern: ( Camptosorus rhizophyllus )


Basic Pond Plants

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Parrot's feather ( Myriophyllum aquaticum )

Cattails ( Typha sp. )

Louisiana iris ( Iris virginica )

Pickerel ( Pontederia cordata )

Lizard Tail ( Saururus cernuus )

Thalia ( Thalia dealbata )

Water canna ( Canna hybrids ' Ellen Longwood '

Lotus, Asiatic ( Nelumbo sp. )

Anacharis ( Elodea canadensis )

Australian water poppy ( Hydrocleys nymphoides )

( Please, consult one of our specialist for more pond plants )

Basic Pond Maintenance Schedule

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In Spring, from February to mid March:

  • Empty the pond and clean thoroughly.

  • Check fish for disease.

  • Raise potted plants closer to the surface to stimulate growth.

  • Prune and begin fertilizing all plants.

During the growing season:

  • Analyze water once a month to be sure filtration system works properly.

  • Continue to fertilize plants.

  • Continue to check fish for disease.

After the first frost:

  • Cut plants back and place on bottom of pond.

  • Cover pond with translucent netting.


More Pond Maintenance Tips

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If you are the owner of a water feature, please visit our service section to learn how to keep your pond Healthy and beautiful.

Tis the Season with Luna's Lillies

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Are you ready for Christmas?

Luna's Lillies has more than 27 years of experience in Holiday decorating. Please visit our Holiday section for more information.


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